Mini Micro ATX Chassis


 The motherboard mounting rack opens anti-clockwise on a hinge which can
   be removed for easy assembly of the m/b and all of the 16/32-bit cards.

 Externally removable power supply.

 Wireless, snap on front bezel with attractive opening for CDROM, FDD.

 Two side-opening doors.

 Tooling edges are bent in to prevent cut injuries.

 De-burr JAPAN SECC metal chassis.

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Mini Tower chassis
  • Dimensions: 15.03" * 7.48" * 12.99" (H*W*D) -- 382mm * 190mm * 330mm
  • Disk space: 2 * 5.25", 1 * 3.5", 1 * 3.5" (internal)
  • Weight: N.W. 5.91 kg (13 lb), G.W. 7.27 kg (16 lb)
  • Mainboard: Micro ATX

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900C NEW!!!    Mini Tower ATX Case w/230W power supply      $ 65.00