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ATX, Micro ATX Modern Tower
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 The 80D Mini tower case has two side-opening doors for easy assembly
   of hardware.

 This pc tower case  also has a unique swing out power supply assembly
   for easy installation of power supply.

 Our 80D chassis also has snap on front panel for quick and easy
   installation of drives, such as CD-ROM and floppy.

 Optional second fan for better ventilation.

 The solid metal in our 80D are de-burred so to prevent injuries.

 This enclosure can fit Intel's Micro ATX motherboards.

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AT, ATX modern cases Int pics of #80 case
  • Dimensions:
      13.39" * 7.87" * 16.89" (H*W*D)
  • Disk space:
      3 * 5.25", 1 * 3.5", 2 * 3.5" (internal)
  • Weight:
      G.W. 18 lb
  • Mainboard:
      Baby AT, full size AT, ATX, Micro ATX
  • Switch:
      Power, Reset
  • Power Supply:
      230W ATX power (2.03 compliant)
      [Optional: 230w ~ 600w]

Mini Tower ATX w/230W power supply
  AT Format Available
$ 48.00