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Colorful ATX 12V Mini-Server with Mini-Redundant Power Supply



 This screwless 10 bays mini-server enclosure is economical for 
   entry-level server application.

 The special designed switch connecting to the mother board can 
   monitor and show the record of how many times the system has been 
   opened to protect system security.

 The detachable mother board tray and easy to install mounting 
   hole make the system maintainace and upgrade simple and convenient.

 Swing-out side panel with optional see-through side window for 
   internal view. 

 The mini-server comes with driver rails kit for easy swap or
   install the hard disk and floppy disk drives.

 The 300 offers AMD approved Pentium 4 power supply. And instead 
   of regular single power supply, it can take mini-redundant 
   power supply module as a highly reliable system.

 Snap fitting fan for quick assembly on the rear or side panel.

 The 300 has a front peripheral access to make connecting external 
   peripheral easier (such as USB, fire wire,  audio jacks.)

 Durable SECC construction is made by heavy-duty cold-rolled steel 
   with edges folded.

 The adjustable expansion card holders are mounted on the supporting
   arm so to hold the cards firmly in the slots, if systems need to be
   shipped to customers.

 With it's compact size and server capability, this ideal server 
   can be placed in many small locations, where the other big servers 
   are not able to.

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colorful look of server case

mini server clear view window mini server internal view

  • Dimensions:
      20.8" * 7.56" * 16.9" (H*W*D)
      530mm x 192mm x 430mm
  • Disk space:
      6 * 5.25", 2 * 3.5", (external)
      2 * 3.5"(internal)
  • Cooling Fan:
      1 x 8cm fan (front)
      1 x 8cm fan (back)
      1 x 8cm fan (back) Optional
  • Weight:
      G.W. 38 lb
  • Mainboard:
      ATX / Micro-ATX/ LNX
  • Power Supply:
      250W mini-redundant power.
      [Optional: 300w ~ 600w]

mini server hdd rail mini server accessory kit mini server cooler mini server addon board holder mini server switch mini server mother board mounting hardware
1. Mobile Rail 2. Tool Box 3. Fans 4. Card Holder 5. Monitor Switch 6. Mainboard Tray

The Mini-Redundant Power Supply used in the 300

300 NEW!!
Compact AT Server Cabinet w/single 250W  
  AT power supply
$  98.00
300-ATX NEW!!
Compact ATX P4 Server Cabinet w/250W mini- 
  redundant power supply
$ 377.00

Red/Blue/Black/Green Chassis: $10 additional!!

See-Through Side Window: $38 additional!! Mini-redundant 300W Power: hot swap redundant power modular $68 additional!! SCSI/IDE Hot-swap HDD Backplane: multiple harddrive backplane module for industrial case $188~538 additional!! (3~5 x 5.25" bays)