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All Steel AT, ATX File Server Cabinet



 The 129 file server cabinet is an improved version of our popular 109
   server enclosure.

 All steel front panel is one of the improvements that we have made
   over our 109.

 Very much similar to our 109, this server chassis has side opening 
   doors (for easy access), lockable front door (to avoid random 
   accessing of drives), and is CE & FCC compliance.

 Our 129 server case includes an 8cm fan, but can fit a total of 7 
   cooling fans (if the 129 is fitted with a ps/2 size power supply).

 The inside metal is SECC and 1.2mm thick which is imported from Japan.

 The 129 file server cabinet can fit either the PS/2, ATX, or the 
   Redundant AT/ATX power supply.

 Black color is available for both AT and ATX model.

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10 open disk drives bays server cabinets diagram of 10 of 5.25
inside of 10 bays file server chassis
  • Dimensions:
      26.77" * 8.66" * 17.80" (H*W*D) -- 680mm * 220mm * 452mm
  • Disk space:
      10 * 5.25" (external)
  • Weight:
      G.W. 22.8 kg (50 lb)
  • Mainboard:
      AT (13 expansion slots), ATX (7 slots),
      Passive Backplane (14 slots)
  • Power Supply:
      [Optional: PS2, ATX, Redundant power (230w ~ 600w)]

IDE/SCSI HDD Backplane
multiple harddrive backplane module for industrial case
Redundant Power Module
ps2 size hot swap redundant power supply

All metal ATX P4 File Server Chassis
  10 bays w/one cooling fan
$ 247.00
All metal ATX File Server Chassis
  10 bays w/one cooling fan
$ 238.00
AT or Passive Backplane Format
$ 228.00
Black Chassis: $10 additional!!
Redundant 300W Power: hot-swappable P4 ps $266 additional!!
SCSI/IDE Hot-swap HDD Backplane: multiple harddrive backplane module for industrial case $188~538 additional!! (3~5 of 5.25" bays)