Tooless ATX Case



Brand new design with easy installation for disk drives, plus 2 
front USB port, front speaker and micro-phone connection.


 ATX motherboards supported, Intel P4 ready case.

 No screws needed to install the disk drives for its tooless 
   special rack.

 4 of 5.25" and 2 of 3.5" open drives bays and 4 of 3.5" internal 
   drive bays, total of 10 drive bays.

 1 of 8cm cooling fan on front and 1 on the rear.

 Snap on/off front panel for easy installation.

 The top cover can be opened any time for the use of USB, 
   speaker and microphone devices.

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atx motherboard servers atx case internal view atx case with usb port internet server rear view
  • Dimensions:
      17.3" * 8.3" * 17.3" (H*W*D)
      440mm * 210mm * 440mm
  • Disk space:
      4 * 5.25", 2 * 3.5"(external);, 4 * 3.5"(internal)
  • Weight:
      N.W. 9 kg (20 lb), G.W. 11 kg (25 lb)
  • Motherboard:
      AT/ATX motherboard 12" x 10"
  • Power Supply:
      [Optional: Redundancy, AT, ATX (300w ~ 600w)]

IDE/SCSI Hard Drive Backplane
multiple harddrive backplane module for atx case
Mini-Redundant Power Supply
mini size hot swap redundant power supply

774-ATX NEW!!!
Tooless ATX Case w/ 10 drive-bays, 
 2 front USB port, speaker & microphone 
 connection on front
$ 77.00

Black Case: $ 10 additional!!
Mini-redundant 300W Power Supply: PS2 size p4 mini redundant $ 347 additional!!
SCSI/IDE Hot-swap Hard-Drive Backplane: multiple harddrive backplane module for industrial case $ 188~538 additional!! (3~5 of 5.25" drive bays)