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AT, ATX Transparent PC Chassis



 This 28 mid size enclosure with left transparent window for 
   inside view visible.

 High ventilation aluminum body structure with shinny car level 
   finish coating and acrylic plastic faceplate.

 Easiest access as USB port at front panel.

 More drive bays than other PC cases. Include 4x5.25", 2x3.5" 
   open bays and 4x3.5" hidden bays.

 Thumb screws for easy assembly.

 Air opening on front and side panels for the best heat dissipation.

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28 transparent pc case
28 acrylic side panel
28 best ventilation case internal view
  • Dimensions:
      16.2" * 8" * 17.8" (H*W*D)
      411mm * 203mm * 452mm
  • Disk space:
      4 * 5.25", 2 * 3.5", (external)
      4 * 3.5"(internal)
  • Cooling Fan:
      1 x 6cm fan (front)
      1 x 8cm fan (back)
  • Weight:
      G.W. 18 lb
  • Mainboard:
      Standard AT, ATX
  • Power Supply:
      320W P4 ATX (2.03 Compliant)
      [Optional: 370w ~ 600w]

28 NEW!!!
Screwless AT Server Cabinet w/250W  
  PS2 AT power supply
$ 128.00
28-ATX NEW!!!
Screwless ATX P4 Server Cabinet w/320W 
  Pentium4, AMD 12V power supply
$ 138.00

Black Chassis: $10 additional!!
Mini-redundant 250W Power: $268 additional!!