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8 cm Case Fan for ATX Motherboards



 Our NEW case fan is made to be used with any ATX motherboards that has
   a 3-pin connector so to access the full capability of this fan.

 This case fan is temperature sensing, which means that the fans speed
   changes according to the temperature: 
      Temp.                    Fan
   Temp > 45 degrees C      extra cooling is provided
   Temp < 15 degrees C      low speed operation to reduce noise

 The variable speed fan were designed with our consumers in mind: to
   reduce overall fan and system noise, and optimum airflow at all times.

 This 8 cm case fan has auto restart and is polarity protected, so to
   prevent most type of cross polarity happenings in the machines.

 Our NEW 8 cm 3-pin case fan has full approval from UL, CSA, TUV, and CE.

8 cm case fan for ATX

8 cm 3-pin for ATX Mainboard
 $  8.50
8 cm 3-pin for ATX Mainboard w/ball bearing
 $ 10.50