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Pentium, AMD, Cyrix CPU Active Thermoelectric Cooler



 This active peltier CPU cooler has continuous monitoring and regulation
   of CPU temperature (38 degrees Celsius +/-3C).

 The thermoelectric module is a small solid state device that can operate
   as a heat pump and it is noiseless and free of maintenance.

 The active cooler has an over-current protection to prevent the CPU and
   the fan from over heating.

 Thermoelectric chips can be widely used in military, medical instruments,
   laboratory apparatus and consumer products. 

 The Peltier Chip has a Thermo-Sensor with it.


CPU processor active peltier cooling fans
  • Thermoelectric Module:
      40 x 40 x 4mm Peltier junction
  • DC Fan:
      50 or 60mm ball bearing
      UL approved
  • Power Connection:
      Standard 4-pin or 3-pin PC power connector

Active/Peltier Cooler
w/Thermal Control/ball bearing
  Intel Pentium Pentium processor active Cooling Fan
$ 45.00
  Intel Pentium II PentiumII Active CPU Cooling Fan
$ 55.00
  Intel Pentium III Pentium III Active CPU Cooling Fan
$ 55.00
  Intel Celeron Intel celeron cpu best cooling fan
  (socket 370)
$ 45.00
  Intel Celeron Intel Celeron CPU Cooling Fan
  (slot 1)
$ 48.00
  AMD K5 AMD K5 active CPU Cooling Fan
$ 45.00
  AMD K6II/KIII AMD K62 active cpu cooling fan
$ 45.00
  Cyrix 6x86 Cyrix 6x86 active CPU Cooling Fan
$ 45.00