Hard Drive Cooler


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 The harddrive (hdd) cooling kit is designed for high-performance PCs and
   servers.  It is recommended by major hdd and system/server manufacturers
   because it effectively dissipates heat from the HDD and lowers the
   internal operating temperatures to 20C ~ 30C.

 Our hdd cooler also features an innovative ventilation system powerful
   enough to circulate cool air into and throughout any PC or external hdd
   case.  This means that it reduces the possibility of data lost due to

 A simple way to protect data and hard drives from heat failure.

 Easy to install.

 Requires no permanent case alterations.

 Custom specifications available.

 This cooling kit has all the tools necessary to install a 3.5" half-height
   harddrive into a 5.25" bay space.

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Hard Disk cooler
hard drive cooler
Harddrive cooling kit
hard drive cooler
Harddrive cooling kit
w/led alarm & buzzer
harddrive cooler with alarm, buzzer

Hard Disk Cooler
$ 10.00
Hard Drive Cooling Fan Kit
$ 15.00
Hard Drive Cooling Fan Kit
  w/led alarm & buzzer
$ 20.00