Multi-Function HDD Holder


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This unique LCD module provides customers serveral programmable 
functions and display message so to alert user as an External 
Watch Dog Timer.


 Temperature monitoring of the CPU, HDD and computer systems, 
   to tell whether the temperature inside is normal, also monitor 
   the speed of fans as well. 
 Fan speed can be controlled in 3 selections of automatic, 
   medium or low speed mode according to the thermal condition of 
   the computer system as to maintain the cool air internally and 
   low noise level of fans.

 New optional features include voltage detector and debug codes 
   warning card.
 LCD temperature display located in front of HDD holder to monitor 
   and solve the problem in advance.

 User friendly to plug media device such as USB, 1394, audio device
   in the front panel conveniently.

Click on small icon to view larger image of the CF100MH, CF300MH


hdd lcd display diagram magic fans controller
dual fan hdd cooler
  • Temperature Monitoring:
      CPU, HDD and Computer System
  • Fan Speed Controller:
      3 adjustment of auto, middle or low.
  • Cooling Fan:
      1x8cm cooling fan (option: 3 fans)
  • Optional Features:
      voltage detector, debug code warning card
  • Other Connection:
      USB, 1394, and audio
  • Material:
      aluminum casing
  • Safty:
      UL, FCC approved

disk drive bay lcd

Magic HDD Holder
  w/LCD temperature display,
  fan speed controller &
  USB, 1394, audio connection
$ 48.00
Magic HDD Holder
  Same features as CF100MH
  plus Dual fans
$ 58.00

Voltage Detector: $15 additional!!
Debug Code Warning Card: $15 additional!!