Water Cooler for CPU


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 Patented water pump flows closed-looped water to enhance heat exchange.

 Water block and radiator uses copper to maximize heat dissipation.

 Low noise emissions and high quality DC fan for long life span.

 Designed for all Intel P3/P4 and AMD K7/K8 models.

 3-step speed controller for CPU fan and heat sink fan for variable speed.

 3 built-in thermal sensors with LED display to allow monitoring of CPU, system, 
   and water cooler temperature.

 The Water Pump Kit will fit into any 5 1/4 " drive bay of the system.


water cooler
  • Heat Sink:
      60 x 60 x 10mm
  • DC Fan:
      60mm ball bearing
      UL approved
  • Power Connection:
      Standard 4-pin or 3-pin PC power connector

CF010W NEW!!
Water Cooler for CPU Processor 
$ 35.00