Industrial 5U Rackmount Server


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Our industrial computer accommodates to industry application computerization
where environmental conditions such as unavoidable vibrations, temperature
and dust problems, are tossed into considerations. It meets FCC class B and
CE and it is specifically designed to withstand shock, vibrations, and a
wide range of operating temperatures.


 The 19" industrial rackmount case has the following motherboards:
   PC, full AT, ATX (12" x 13",) entry level SSI server board.

 Come with one 3.5" drive bay and nine 5.25" drive bays. There are
   a total of 10 external open drive bays!!! 

 2 ball bearing cooling fans, provide more air flow through the cards.

 Lockable front door and padlock loop on the back panel for security and
   dust protection.

 Hold-down clamps to protect the plug-in cards from vibration.

 This rack enclosure is rugged and of all-steel casing, which
   is suitable for use on factory floors.

 The sliding-rails mounting holes have been made for easy assembly.

 Black is available for the 950 industrial enclosure. 

Click on small icon to view larger image of the #950 RACKMOUNT CASE


heavy duty rackmount server 5U industrial sbc chassis
  • Dimensions:
      8.66" x 19" x 25.6" (HxWxD)
      220mm x 484mm x 649mm

  • Disk space:
      9 x 5.25", 1 x 3.5"

  • Weight:
      G.W. 55 lb

  • Motherboard:
      Baby AT/ Standard, Full ATX / IPC

  • Power Supply:
      300w ATX Power Supply [Optional: 230w ~ 600w;
      300w ~ 500w redundant power supply

IDE/SCSI HDD Backplane
multiple harddrive backplane module for industrial case
Redundant Power Module
ps2 size hot swap redundant power supply

19" 5U Rackmount Server Cabinet
  w/ 300w ATX power supply,
  2 cooling fans
  (optional: 300w~500w redundant power supply)
$ 388.00
Black Case: $ 10 additional!!
Redundant 300W Power Supply: PS2 size p4 mini redundant power supply $238 additional!!
SCSI/IDE Hot-swap Hard Drive Backplane: multiple harddrive backplane module for industrial case $188~538 additional!! (3~5 of 5.25" drive bays)