19" Disk Array Industrial Rackmount Enclosure


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Our industrial rackmount accommodates to industry application computerization where
environmental conditions such as unavoidable vibrations, temperature and dust 
problems,are tossed into considerations.  It is specifically designed to withstand 
shock, vibrations,and a wide range of operating temperatures.


 Our #22 disk array rackmount case is ideal for those that already has an
   industrial computer and wish to acquire more disk drives through the SCSI
   interface card.

 This 19" industrial case can hold up to 8 5.25" external disk drives.

 Like all of our industrial enclosures, the chassis is made of all-steel
   casing which is suitable for factory floors.

 A 50-pin SCSI internal cable is also provided with the enclosure.
   (Optional internal cables: 68-pin, 80-pin(SCA).)

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industrial computer rackmount case
  • Dimensions:
      7" * 19" * 18" (H*W*D)
      177mm * 483mm * 450mm
  • Disk space:
      8 * 5.25"
  • Weight:
      G.W. 43 lb
  • Indicators:
      5 LEDs for power on/off, HDD
  • Power Supply:
      250w PS/2 Power [Power Range: 250W ~ 400W]
      [Optional: Redundant Power Supply]

19" Disk Array Rackmount Enclosure        
  w/ 250W PS2 power supply/ SCSI 50Pin
$ 238.00
19" Disk Array Rackmount Enclosure 
  w/ 250W PS2 power supply/ Wide SCSI 68Pin/LVD/160/320
  (Optional: Black
             Redundant Power Supply)
$ 317.00


$10 additional!!