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ATA100 IDE 3.5" Removable
Harddrive Kit


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 You can carry your data wherever you go.

 Data transportable between office(s) & home.

 Unique auto push-pull handle design and dust & wear resistant 
   auto shutter.

 Compatible with all types of PC cases for hard disk type 1.0" or 
   1.6" height 3.5" H.D.D. 

 All of our removable harddrive kits are hot-swappable, meaning hard disk
   drive can be removed while the system power is still on.

 LED light indicates the power & working status of HDD.

  All aluminum-alloy frame and tray support Ultra ATA 100 hard disk
   drive which can go up to 10000 RPM.


ide hot-swap ultra ata100 hdd
  • Prevent data from unauthorized access
  • Ideal for RAID and removable storage design
  • Hot-swappable design:
      HDD can be removed while system power is on
  • Provides multi-operational system to a single computer
  • CE material
  • Special Features:
      Cooling Fan, Auto Door Set, 2 LED lights
  • Connector:

3.5" Aluminum Mobil Rack for Half-Height
  Ultra ATA100 IDE Hard Drive with fan
$ 28.00

BLACK CHASSIS: $6 additional!!