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ATA 133 3.5" Removable IDE Hard Disk Drive Kit w/LCD Display

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 Front LCD display indicates the power & working status of HDD,  
   master or slave HDD status and HUTR (HDD Usage Time Record).

 Support all brands of 3.5" IDE ATA33/66/100/133 H.D.D, ATA MO, 
   ZIP, LS120, Tape Drive, and Flash Reader.

 This IDE LCD harddrive mobil rack has fan failure and overheat alarm 
   warning function. 

 Redundancy fan control when one malfunctions and adjustable fan 
   speed control to secure valuable data. 

 3 sets of temperature sensors to detect the temperature of postions desired.

 Effortless hard drive installation with anti-shock data stability design.

 Electronic keylock protects HDD from not being burned out due to wrong
   movement while the HDD is working.

 All of our removable harddrive kits are true hot-swappable, meaning hard 
   disk drive can be removed while the system power is still on.

 NEW aluminum IDE LCD mobil rack can support Ultra ATA 133 hard 
   drive which can go up to 15,000 RPM.

Click on small icons to view larger image of the LCD HDD Kit


lcd hdd mobile rack in white color
  • Prevent data from unauthorized access
  • Ideal for RAID and removable storage design
  • Hot-swappable design:
      HDD can be removed while system power is on
  • Provides multi-operational system to a single computer
  • CE material
  • LCD Display:
      HDD Temperature, HDD Access, HDD Master/Slave, HDD HUTR, Fan Alarm
  • Special Features:
      LCD Display, Cooling Fan, Fan Failure Detector, Overheat Warning
  • Connector:
      IDE Din41612-64pin
  • Colors:
      White or Black

3.5" Aluminum Mobil Rack w/LCD Display 
  for Half-Height Ultra ATA133 IDE Hard 
  Drive with fan
$ 56.00

BLACK CHASSIS: $6 additional!!