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3.5" Parallel IDE Enclosure



 The CA35PI is a plastic cabinet with modern streamlined design.

 This CA35PI IDE enclosure comes with a universal 40W UL/CSA/TUV approved
   power supply.

 Our IDE enclosure is easy to install and requires no jumper or ID settings.

 It is also compatible with all IDE and enhanced mode IDE harddrive (hdd.)

 The CA35PI uses the parallel port (aka. printer port) on the computer and
   connects to the IDE controller that is already built inside the enclosure.

 An additional parallel port is provided so that simultaneous use of the
   printer can be done.  Therefore, it also supports EPP mode for the printer port.

 This IDE enclosure supports MS-DOS, Windows 3.x, Windows 95, Windows 98
   OS/2 and Daisy-chain.  NT and MAC systems, please call us for later version.


ide enclosure for 3.5
  • Material:
      OUTER CASE: Plastic ABS UL 94HB
      INNER CASE: Metal chassis w/nickel plated
  • Power Supply:
      Universal 90-260VAC 40W UL/CSA/TUV approved switching power supply
  • Power & activity LED's
  • DC Output:
      5VDC @2.6A, 12VDC @2.2A
  • Fan:
      One 40 x 40 mm cooling fan
  • Parts included:
      25-pin DB-25F printer port x 2
      External printer cable
      ASPI manager & utility software
      AC power cord
  • Data Transfer rate:
      Up to 1.25MB/sec in EPP mode,
      Up to 250KB in standard mode.
  • Dimensions:
      8.8 x 6.7 x 2.2 in. (223 x 55 x 170mm)
  • Net Weight:
      2.53 lbs. (1.15 kgs)

3.5" HDD Parallel to IDE Package
  w/WIN95, WIN98, WIN CE, OS/2 & NT
$  78.00
3.5" HDD Parallel to IDE Package
  w/WIN95, WIN98, WIN CE, OS/2 & NT & 
  Removable HDD enclosure