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Mini Hard Disk Drive Storage Box



 Plug & Play mini size data storage case can house a 2.5" hard disk drive 
   and can fit in our pocket for only 4.5oz, easy to carry on wherever 
   you go.

 The mini pocket hard disk external case is designed to transfer data 
   between computers & notebooks with its own power without draining 
   the laptop's battery.

 The first Lithium ION rechargeable portable storage can support more 
   than 10 hours of operation, enough time for data backups, digital 
   image transfers and audio/video storages.

 This portable mini HDD enclosure has faster data transfer speed 
   than tape or ZIP drives & much more convenient and cost effective.

 It can also convert hard drive into high speed USB2.0 or Firewire 
   storage device and recharge through the FireWire connection Bus 
   or USB with DC adapter included.

 Our mini-box provides hot pluggable, bootable and upgradable capability.

 It can act as an portable storage for MPEGs, AVIs, MP3, Adobe & MSFT 
   files or any important high capacity data.

 This mini HDD enclosure can work as an internal drive to execute programs 
   directly from the system.

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mini pocket size disk box portable hard disk drive storage
  • Data Transfer rate:
      Up to 480MBps (USB2.0)
      100/200/400MBps (Firewire/1394)
  • Power Supply:
      Lithium ION Battery
      (10 hours independent operation)
  • Bus Interface:
      Firewire, USB 2.0 or
      Firewire (IEEE-1394)
  • Demension:
      3.1" x 5.5" (W x L)
  • LED indicator
      1 x HDD power
      1 x Battery power
  • OS
      Windows 2000/ME/XP,
      Mac 9.0 & above

Mini-Pocket Size IDE HDD Enclosure
  for USB Port Interface 
  w/2000/ME/XP & MAC/OS 9.0 & above
$  97.00
Mini-Pocket Size IDE HDD Enclosure
  for IEEE-1394 (firewire) Interface 
  w/2000/ME/XP & MAC/OS 9.0 & above
$  98.00