Raid Ready IDE Mirroring Harddrive Backplane


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This IDE mirroring harddrive backplane is designed to be a reliable and
affordable solution for RAID disk mirroring. With a cost effective IDE
approach, this IDE hdd backplane mirror data to two hard drives simul-
taneously, and delivers optimized performance, compared to SCSI solutions.


 The IDE harddrive backplane features an intelligent online recovery,
  which will continue to work with one drive and notify in case of drive

 It has automatic on-line rebuild and hot-swap function.

 This IDE backplane can be configured as master or slave and is host
  transparent and OS independent.

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ide mirroring hdd backplane for industrial computer

  • Disk Type: half height drive
  • Input: IDE
  • Form Factor: 2 x 5.25" bay for 2 IDE harddrive
  • Alarm: Audible alarm on drive failure
  • Display: Front panel operation indicators
  • Dimensions: 8.84" * 5.75" * 3.35" (D * W * H)
  • Weight: 3.96 lbs.

IDE mirroring hdd backplane for 2 IDE
  drive w/raid controller card
BLACK COLOR: $10 additional!!