SCSI Hard Drive & CDROM Tower



 The CA800/W disk array cabinet can fit eight 5.25" half-height, or 
   four full-height.

 This 8 bay SCSI enclosure is made for any SCSI devices such as CD-ROM,
   harddrive(hdd), MO, Floptical, Tape, Zip & DAT drives, etc.

 This enclosure is all made of metal for heavy-duty, high-end system.

 Comes with a 300W PS/2 type switching power supply with UL/CSA/TUV

 New hot-swappable components include power supples, cooling fans and
   hard drive canisters.

 The 2 additional cooling fans are included to keep the temperature
   down in the cabinet.

 The wide SCSI 68-pin/LVD/160 are also available.

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SCSI50pin/SCSI68pin/LVD/160/320 hard drive & cdrom tower
  • Power Supply:
      PS/2 type 120/240VAC switchable 300W power supply
      with UL/CSA/TUV approval
      [option: 2x300W, 2x400W, 2x500W, 2x600W power]
  • Fan:
      Two 8 x 8 cm cooling fans
  • Power & activity LED's
  • AC power inlet & power switch
  • Parts included:
      50-pin SCSI connector x 2 pcs. [option: 68-pin/LVD/160]
      IDC 50 internal SCSI cable. [option: 68-pin/LVD/160]
      AC power cord
  • Dimensions:
      18.10 x 8.46 x 18.90 inch (DxWxH)
      460 x 215 x 480 mm

IDE/SCSI Hard Drive Backplane
multiple harddrive backplane module
Redundant Power Supply
ps2 hot swap redundant power supply

8-Bay Heavy duty Hard Drive & CD-ROM Tower SCSI 
  50pin w/300W Power Supply
$ 275.00
8-Bay Heavy duty Hard Dirve & CD-ROM Tower SCSI 
  68pin/LVD/160/320 w/300W Power Supply
$ 366.00

Black Case: $10 additional!!
Redundant 300W Power Supply: hot-swappable P4 power supply $266 additional!!
SCSI/IDE Hot-swap Hard Drive Backplane: multiple harddrive backplane module for industrial case $188~538 additional!! (3~5 of 5.25" bays)