Serial-ATA Removable Harddrive Kit


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 NEW mobile hard drive rack that can support all brands of serial ATA hard
   disk drive.

 You can carry your data wherever you go, easy transport and secure valuable data.

 Compatible with 5.25" bay of all PC cases, external enclosures or raid subsystems 
   makes it capable of swapping hard drives trouble-free.

 Top and bottom cover of the inner rack are joined together creating the
   "100% PERFECT" suction of air.

 Auto push-pull handle design which is completely "Ergonomical."

 Our HDD racks also uses a durable centronic connector with 3u Gold
   Electroplated, which means that it is certainly suitable for serial 
   ATA HDD frequency and current.

 It provides shock protection and a front lock that prevents outside intrusion

 This SATA harddrive mobile rack has a cooling fan for creating
   the best heat-spreading from the hdd.

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sata hdd mobile rack sata hdd mobile rack
  • Prevent data from unauthorized access

  • Ideal for RAID and removable storage design

  • Hot-swappable design:
      HDD can be removed while system power is on

  • Provides multi-operational system to a single computer

  • CE material

  • Special Features:
      Cooling Fan, Auto Door Set, 2 LED lights

  • Connectors:
      Durable Centronics 50-pin

3.5" Half-height SATA Hard Drive kit,
  hot-swappable with fan
$ 57.00

BLACK CASE: $6 additional!!