SCA-LVD 3.5" 1.63"-Height
Removable Harddrive Kit


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 Our new SCA-LVD HDD mobile rack has all the same features and qualities 
   as the SCA model, plus for LVD connections.

 You can carry your data wherever you go.

 Data transportable between office(s) & home.

 This 80-pin HDD mobile rack has easy installation, sliding rails to 
   prevent accidental disk drop off.

 This SCA-LVD harddrive(hdd) mobile rack has auto-open handle so it 
   provides easier usage and fast removal.

 This 3.5" 1.63" high harddrive rack has industrial specifications
   which uses aluminum frame body.

 This 80-pin HDD mobile rack will fit into any tower, desktop, PC & RAID
   system case, provided that it has a 5.25" drive bay opening.

 An LED display for SCSI ID number is also included on the CA3080SL so
   that you are able to visually see the SCSI ID number on the front.

 The SCA-LVD harddrive mobile rack has cooling fans for creating the best
   heat-spreading from the hdd.


sca 1.6 in. height hdd mobile rack
  • Prevent data from unauthorized access
  • Ideal for RAID and removable storage design
  • Hot-swappable design:
      HDD can be removed while system power is on
  • Provides multi-operational system to a single computer
  • ID jumper switch for full function performance of SCA HDD
  • Special Features:
      Cooling Fan & Cooling Fan-Failure Detection, SCA ID LED
      display, 3 LED lights
  • ID jumper switch for full function performance of SCA HDD
  • Internal Connector :
      SCA-LVD (80-pin)

3.5" 80-pin SCA-LVD Hard Drive Rack, 
  hot-swappable with fan
$ 77.00

BLACK CASE: $6 additional!!