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External SCSI/SCSI 68-pin/LVD/160 Enclosure for 3.5" Harddrive/MO/DAT



 The CA35S/W are made to be used for 3.5" harddrives (hdd) or L/P SCSI devices
   such as HDD, SyQuest removable HDD, MO, Floptical, Tape, DAT drives, etc.

 The CA35S/W is a plastic cabinet with a modern, streamlined apperance.

 The internal casing of this SCSI box is made of metal with EMI/RFI
   shielding for FCC & FTZ compliance.

 This external enclosure is so flexible that it is designed for vertical
   & horizontal orientation.  It also comes with vertical stand holders for
   vertical placement.

 The CA35S/W SCSI external cabinet provides a push button power ON/OFF
   switch on the front, so you won't need to reach behind the unit
   to turn it on or off.

 As usual, this enclosure comes with the universal 40W UL/CSA/TUV
   approved power supply.

 To make it more appealing to the eye, there are no visible screws and
   therefore is easy to install the drives.

 This SCSI enclosure supports MS-DOS, Windows 3.x, Windows 95, OS/2 and
   Daisy-chain.  NT and MAC systems, please call us for details.

 The wide SCSI 68-pin/LVD/160 are also available.


SCSI, SCSI 68-pin, LVD 160 3.5" hdd external box
  • Material:
      Outer case: Plastic ABS UL 94HB
      Inner bracket: Metal chassis with EMI shielding
  • Power Supply:
      Universal 90-260VAC auto-select 40W UL/CSA/TUV approved power supply
  • Fan:
      One 40 x 40 mm cooling fan
  • Power & activity LED's
  • Parts included:
      50-pin SCSI connector x 2 pcs. [option: 68-pin/LVD/160]
      Push wheel ID switch
      IDC 50 internal SCSI cable [option: 68-pin/LVD/160]
      AC power cord
      Stand holder x 2
  • Dimensions:
      8.5 x 6.625 x 2.125 in.(50-pin)
  • Net Weight:
      2.38 lbs.(50-pin)

3.5" Half-height SCSI case for HDD, MO,      
$  75.00
3.5" Half-height SCSI 68-pin/LVD/160 case
   for HDD, MO, ZIP, JAZ
$  96.00