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Wide-SCSI 68-Pin Hard drive Mobilrack Kit



 The top cover and the bottom cover of the inner rack are completely joined
   together creating the "100% PERFECT" suction of air.

 This high-end wide-scsi mobil rack has aluminum inner rack and outer frame.

 This wide-SCSI removable harddrive(hdd) kits has a patent pulling function
   handle which is completely "effortless."

 Our removable racks also uses connectors which would supply good connection
   of high frequency signal and current for wide-SCSI's.

 This mobil rack has an electronic keylock to protect the HDD from not being
   burned out due to wrong movement.

 The wide SCSI harddrive mobil rack has a cooling fan for creating 
   the best heat-spreading caused by the hdd.


wide-scsi hdd mobil rack wide-scsi hdd mobil rack
  • Prevent data from unauthorized access
  • Ideal for RAID and removable storage design
  • Hot-swappable design:
      HDD can be removed while system power is on
  • Provides multi-operational system to a single computer
  • ID jumper switch for full function performance of SCSI HDD
  • Special Features:
      Cooling Fan & Cooling Fan-Failure Detection, SCSI ID LED display, 3 LED lights
  • Connector :

3.5" Half-height Wide-SCSI Hard Drive
  kit, hot-swappable with fan
$ 68.00
CA3000S-B NEW!!
BLACK 3.5" Half-height Wide-SCSI Hard
  Drive kit, hot-swappable with fan
$ 74.00