20/24/8/6/4Pin ATX Power Supply Pinout


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We carry different kinds of 24pin, 20pin, 8pin, 6pin, 4pin power 
supply connectors and convertible cables such as 20pin to 24pin, 
24pin to 20pin, 4pin to 8pin, 6pin+4pin to 6pin...etc.

The EPS12V connector is compatible with Intel SE7500CW2, S845WD1-E, 
Super Micro Server Boards or Iwill DP533...etc.

The WTX connector is compatible with Tyan 2603, Iwill DP400, DX400 
or MSI MS-6508...etc.

The ATX-GES connector is compatible with Tyan 2462, 2468...etc.
eps12v power supply connector
wtx12v power supply cable
atx-ges power supply wire