300W x 2, 400W x 2 & 500W x 2
Hot-Swappable Redundant Power Supply


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 The RPD is a redundant power supply system with on-line Hot Swap 
   and Hot Plug function.

 Our RPD redundant power supply series is made to be applied for disk
   arrays, RAID system, advanced fault-tolerant servers.

 This redundant power supply can offer a more reliable and safer 
   function and easy to install/maintain operation empower to your 
   server systems.

 Each unit has a load sharing control module and two units of 
   hot-swappable power supplies.

 Both the RPD AT / ATX P4 models meet the UL, UL+C, and TUV approval.

 And every one of our RPD ATX models meets the Intel 2.03 compliance, 
   and Intel's new 2.03 ATX12V version 1.3 compliancy is 
   available now.

 The dimensions are all the same for the models listed below:
   183(D) x 153.4(W) x 213.2(H)mm.

 Also, to ensure proper fitments, all of these redundant power supplies
   will fit perfectly into all of our server cabinets.

AT, ATX12v amd12v version 1.3 Redundant Power Supply

300W Redundant Power Supply UL/CSA/TUV
$ 256.00
400W Redundant Power Supply UL/CSA/TUV
$ 323.00
RPD-500RS 500w hot swap power supply NEW!!!
500W Redundant Power Supply UL/CSA/TUV
$ 426.00
300W ATX P4 Redundant Power Supply UL/CSA/TUV
$ 266.00
400W ATX P4 Redundant Power Supply UL/CSA/TUV
$ 338.00
RPD-500ATX-P4 500w hot swap power supply NEW!!!
500W ATX P4 Redundant Power Supply UL/CSA/TUV
$ 433.00
600W Redundant Power Supply UL/CSA/TUV