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N + 1 Hot-Swappable Mini-Redundant Power Supply



 The N + 1 is a redundant switching power supply array.  It can support either one,
   three, four, five, or even six power module.  (must specify which one)

 Our new model MNx also comes in both AC and DC input.

 A horizontal type is available for the four power module.

 Here are just some of the special features that are in all of our MNx Series:
   - Low profile power module for building up most applications.
   - Tool free hot-swap ability.
   - True redundant feature design.
   - Remote sensing design.
   - Use heavy-duty industrial connectors.
   - Rear DC fan failure detection ability.
   - Electrical shock free design for exposed area on PCB.

 This very unique mini array redundnat power is compatible with Windows NT UPS
   service thru FAB-5

 The size of one of our MNx power module is so small, it is almost the same
   size as 5.25" drive bay.  The dimension are:
    MN1 ~ 160(D) x 142(W) x 42.5(H)mm; [6.3"(D) x 5.59"(W) x 1.67"(H)].
    MN3 ~ 230(D) x 164(W) x 156.9(H)mm; [9.06"(D) x 6.46"(W) x 6.18"(H)].
    MN4 ~ 230(D) x 164(W) x 200.6(H)mm; [9.06"(D) x 6.46"(W) x 7.9"(H)].
    MN5 ~ 230(D) x 164(W) x 244.3(H)mm; [9.06"(D) x 6.46"(W) x 9.62"(H)].
    MN6 ~ 230(D) x 164(W) x 288(H)mm; [9.06"(D) x 6.46"(W) x 11.34"(H)].
   Horizontal Type
    MNH ~ 230(D) x 356(W) x 95(H)mm; [9.06"(D) x 14.02"(W) x 3.74"(H)].

 All of our N+1 hot-swappable redundant power supply system comes in both AT
   and ATX format.

Click on small icon to view larger image of the MNx Series

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Horizontal Type
stack horizontal n+1 mini redundant

230W Single Mini-Redundant PS UL/CSA/TUV
  DC to DC available
$ 298.00
435W 2+1 Mini-Redundant PS UL/CSA/TUV
  DC to DC available
$ 477.00
620W 3+1 Mini-Redundant PS UL/CSA/TUV
  DC to DC available
$ 599.00
780W 4+1 Mini-Redundant PS UL/CSA/TUV
  DC to DC available
$ 728.00
920W 5+1 Mini-Redundant PS UL/CSA/TUV
  DC to DC available
$ 866.00