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PS/2 Size AT, ATX
Medical Power Supply



 The medical power supply can be either auto voltage switch of 
   90-130VAC or 180-260VAC or full range from 90-264VAC.

 Our medical power supplies meet the Intel's 2.03 compliancy..

 This power supply has a minimum of 75% high efficiency at full load.

 The ATX power also has low ripple and noise, a +3.3V regulation (2% 
   tolerance) and over voltage protecton.

 Our medical power will fit into almost any chassis that are made for 
   medical format.

 The leakage current of the medical power supply is primary to 
   safety ground less 500uA at 253V AC input.

 And all of the ATX powers listed below meet UL, CSA, UL+C, TUV, 
   EMI, EMS approved.

 Mean time between failure (MTBF) is about 180,000 hours.

 Operating temperature is -20°C~70°C, especially made to meet the 
   medical environment.

 The dimension:
   PS/2 size AT, ATX -- 140(D) x 150(W) x 86(H)mm; [5.5"x5.91"x3.35"]

PS/2 Size AT Format
medical at power supply
PS/2 Size ATX Format
medical atx power supply

250W AT Medical Power Supply 
$ 188.00
250W ATX Medical Power Supply 
$ 199.00