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Internal Uninterruptible Power Supply for Computer Systems



Our Uninterruptible Power Supply add-on will make any power supply act
as an uninterruptible power supply.  This add-on is designed to assist the
desktop users to secure their work and data from unexpected power problems.
It dramatically reduces the recovery efforts caused by the unexpected power


 A built-in power monitor, no software is required.

 On-line interactive power supply can monitor the power status and
   back up the power for each outlet (12v, 5v, 3.3v, 5vsb).

 Able to make the PC a fault tolerant system while power supply is
   not working properly.

 A backup power source when there are no AC power.

 There are 3 protections, OVP (Over Voltage Protection), OCP (Over
   Current Protection) and SCP(Short Circuit Protection), in order to
   protect the connected devices.

 Save the data and working status in PC system after AC power failure.

 A LED light will show the status of AC, battery and Uninterruptible
   Power Module working status.

 Best of all, this Uninterruptible Power Supply is easy to install and
   the additional card can be inserted into a PCI slot.

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uninterruptible power supply battery
  • Minimum System Requirement:
      Hardware ~ ACPI BIOS enable
      OS ~ Windows ME, XP and Win 2000
  • Power Supply:
      250w ATX
      [Optional:  300w ~ 600w]
  • Battery:
      16.8V Rechargeable battery
  • Battery Capacity:
      The regular discharge rate can output 25W
      The max discharge rate can output 250W
  • Charging Time:
      Three hours from the battery's lowest power level
  • Safety:
      FCC, CE

Internal Uninterruptible Power Supply w/250w 
  ATX Power Supply
  (Optional: 300w-600w Power Supply)
 $ 298.00
Internal Uninterruptible Power Supply Module only
 $ 267.00